justDrive for Jaguar F Type 4: Connected Cars with API.AI

At launch, justDrive can:

justDrive is a voice-driven, easy-to-use connected car application created specifically for owners of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles by CloudCar using the API.AI Conversational UX Platform.

Connect your iPhone® to the car, using USB, and justDrive will play your music and news shows, navigate to a destination, route you through traffic and parking, find food or gas or make calls without launching different apps.

Use voice to evoke certain smartphone functions hands-free through the app's easy-to-use, voice-controlled system:
- Play music,
- Navigate freeways

For example, you can say, “Find coffee,” and a moment later a map highlighting the nearest coffee shops is displayed. You can ask the system to play a specific track from your favorite artist or album or even play the news.

Download:     mp3 audio (996 KB)